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Easily meet SRA regulations, and free up to 40% of COLP's chargeable time.

A different approach to compliance Insurability Profile
If every member of the team pulls together to create a totally professional service, your client satisfaction; retention; referral increases profitability and compliance will take care of itself.
We focus on making the team better at Quality Performance, so our system will improve profitability from day one, and regulatory compliance is just a by-product

Demonstrate continuous compliance standards to generate an insurability profile for your next PII renewal. Negotiate better premiums through our participating broker panel.


SRA compliance, where the Compliance Officer does virtually nothing, Guaranteed

how compliance should work
spotting problems

Easy to use: Takes staff just 1 minutes to learn.
Easy to set up: 5 year compliance plan for the practice in 15 minutes flat.

colp new duties



Meeting SRA Regulations
Our system works exactly as the SRA regulations demand

    • Client and outcomes focused
    • Total emphasis on individual’s judgement

Business efficiency
We give you a fully managed system that empowers your team to take control of risk and achieve positive outcomes every single day. By reinforcing the importance of proper judgement at source, you are laying the foundations of a quality assurance culture, giving you a well run and efficient practice.

Covering key risk requirements

    • Strategic Risk
    • Operational Risk
    • Regulatory Risk

Benefits to your practice
You will be compliant with best practice all the time.
Staff will handle  a large proportion of the COLP or Risk Officer’s job, with virtually no training. You will have a reporting system that automatically catches risk before it becomes an untoward incident.

 automatic business intelligence
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